Monday, December 22, 2003

I am still trying to figure out how to use this thing. I am confused on some areas. Like, when I am using a sentence and I want to link something by a website.......How the heck do I do that again?? Man, I am so not a computer person.
In other news, Oprah in Africa was today. I thought it was a really good show. Not because I worship Oprah, because I don't. But I do respect her desire to give gifts to these kids. And she is right, they will never forget her kindness, and the memory of receiving what may be the only gifts they EVER receive will be a rich one for sure!
Last night was a birthday party for Justin. It was really fun. We played FULL CONTACT CHARADES. A very very fun party game!! Gather your people in teams with 4-5 folks to a team. Everyone playing then writes 5 slips of paper with name of the category you are playing in (i.e. CATEGORY=Movie Titles, then I would write five movie titles). Put all papers in a bowl and put the bowl in a room outside of the room you are in (IN living room, BOWL in BEDROOM). Then proceed to play.Every team plays at the same time. Order your team who goes first, and keep the order. As soon as your team guesses correctly, the next person runs into the room to grab the slip. The fun part is having to run into the other room and grab a slip when there are four other people trying to do it as well. Fun game, I recommend it!!