Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Another rainy day in the Valley. It really hasn't been all that bad, mostly because for the last two days we have decided to run the heater in our house. Oh it is such a glorious feeling. To be able to walk around with only one layer on and no shoes and socks. I am very thankful for the heater.

This weekend I think that Justin and I are going to head to Reedley. We haven't visited Justins family in awhile and plus, Reedley is awesome. I love it there. It is much different from Burbank where I grew up. It is a small town, quiet, actually has seasons, and has no traffic. I have grown up in and around cities and I really can't wait to leave that scene. The sooner the better, although I sometimes I get afraid to actually move to a small town. Who knows where I will end up, but I do know I long for a quiet life.