Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Gomez show was excellent last night. They are really an amazing band. All was well up until the last song when this annoying half way naked girl came and pushed her way in front of me and ended up standing directly in front of Justin shaking herself all over the place. I was feeling myself getting furious and hurt, that she pushed me out of the way. It was really annoying. Then Justin asked her to leave, then I moved her with my hand. Then she stood behind us whispering cuss words to us and then before walking off, shoved us both in the head. Not, a great ending to a wonderful concert.
here's what bothers me the most about situations like this.............myself. Why did I let this girl get to me so deeply? Why couldn't I have just shrugged it off and continued having a good time at the show? Things like this trigger something deep in me, I feel hurt, wronged, angry and I feel those emotions deeply.......when it really was such a small thing that could have been over in seconds.
Man, I don't know. I just know I wish the concert hadn't ended that way. BUT I had a fabulous time anyways.

On another note, I got a call from my professor who is responsible for that extremely frustrating LAB i told you guys about. Well, it turns out that I need to turn in one more lab. I needed 7 instead of 6. So for now, I have an incomplete. That just made my day!!! O how I wish this was over. O how I wish there was just one day where things went according to plan.
Ah, man!!

I going to pray for myself today. I need some sunshine moments. I am sure they are there, I just can't seem to see them that good today.