Friday, February 20, 2004

Good morning!
Last night Justin, Andrew, Ben and I went to The Hotel Cafe to check out an awesome new artist, Richard Swift. The show didn't actually start until 11:00pm!!! Can you believe I actually made it! Anyways we got there and this other band was playing, they were okay but they played LATE so the band we were there to see got pushed back. Then on top of that a microphone busted. On top of all these things I was still very very impressed with the music. I really liked it alot. Got back home at around 1:15am, then Justin called we chatted until 2:00am and then I went to sleep. I actually slept until 10:00am this morning. It was so nice. Fun night, wish you coulda been there.

My weekend looks awesome. No big plans. Tonight Justin and I may try and head to Burbank to visit with my family for a bit. No word on my grandma yet, I will let you know as soon as I know.

I didn't really like todays Friday Five. So, I am not going to do it.
Have a great weekend.
Be well.