Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Today is Ash Wednesday, which starts the season of Lent. Many people in my church use this season to give up, fast from, or change something in theirs lives, as a way to identify themselves with the suffering of Christ.

In years past, I have given up eating cheese (which was so extremely difficult, you wouldn't believe it). I gave up BUYING food from any restaurant or fast food place. I fasted once a week during Lent. And I have given up Television.
This year I have had a harder time finding something to give up. So, what I am going to do instead is I have made a list, today until April 10th and I have written peoples names on that list. My commitment for Lent will be to pray for that person for 10 minutes. Really focusing on them and how to effectively pray for them. Then maybe I will feel led to send them a card, give them a million dollars, or whatever. I think this will be a really powerful way to prepare my heart to celebrate Easter and to soften it to those around me. I look forward to this time.
I am now heading to the sanctuary to receive my ashes for the day.