Thursday, February 19, 2004

Well, as it turns out Angie Everhart was in fact the mole. Dennis Rodman won and my man, Mark Curry lost!!! Oh man, I was so sad. Oh well, at least that show is over and I can go back to living a normal existence.

So, for those of you wondering. I did NOT get the job at Children of the Night. They actually didn't even call me and tell me. I finally (after 4 messages) got a hold of the lady and she let me know, "all the positions have been filled." Not even a call. I am actually alright with this news. All this means is that there is something else out there for me.

I accepted the job at Jamba Juice. This will be a nice addition to my life. I hopefully will be able to work the morning shifts on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Learning how to make a killer smoothie seems like a good part time job to me!!!

My grandma went to the hospital yesterday. From what I can tell her kidneys were failing. She had started a medication and it was dehydrating her and causing her kidneys some trouble. My brother took her to the hospital and my mom was there with her most of last night. Grams is still in the hospital today but mom says she will be okay. It's weird that my grandma is getting older and starting to not be as healthy as she once was!

that's it for today, if I think of anything else, I will let you know.