Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Well, here we are a new week. I can't believe that it is already Tuesday. I probably should give you guys the scoop on my fabulous Valentines Day.
The only information I had going into the evening was that I needed to dress up and not eat. Justin wanted the night to be a surprise. Which for those of you that know me is very close to slow torture. I love surprises BUT they drive me crazy because I MUST KNOW!! Anyways, Justin kept the events top secret despite my attempts.
Our first stop was The Border Grill. A very romantic Mexican restaurant, complete with tons of lit candles. The most romantic part of this part of the night came when I was looking over the menu and Justin said, "I even called ahead to make sure they could cook a plain bean and cheese burrito." ISN'T THAT SO CUTE!!! Justin knows me so well. BUT to his surprise I ordered my first ever Taquito plate. It was super yummy.
Then we were off to our next destination. The BonaVista Cocktail Lounge. The lounge is located on the top floor of the Boneventure Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The lounge actually rotates so that you can get a view of ALL of downtown LA. It takes one hour to get the complete view. Justin and I shared a virgin strawberry daiquiri and exchanged gifts. Justin wrote me a lovely poem and read it to me. It was so sweet.
My Valentines Day was the best ever!! I am so thankful for Justin Souza. That I have captured his affection, is such an honor.