Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Happy Tuesday to you all!!
The weekend was awesome. Justin and I headed to Reedley. We had a fabulous time watching both of Nick's baseball games, as well as eating at Sal's. We bowled on Sunday and that was a blast also. Going to Reedley is such a blessing that when the time comes to have to head back "home" we both get this overwhelming sense of yuck!! Weekend = blast.

Monday morning was hard core in that I had to be a Jamba at 5:45am. It was a good work day, I actually got to make some smoothies. I had a good day at Jamba. I slept 11 hours straight last night. I totally needed it. I can't wait until i am used to this new schedule.

Monday night Justin and I went to see The Passion. What a movie. I thought the film was beautifully made. I appreciated it a great deal. How a believer could watch this movie and not feel moved but the enormity of love displayed is seriously UNBELIEVABLE to me!!! I walked away from the movie and still today feel like what touched me the most is that satan has lost! He has been squished and no longer has any victory!! God through Jesus beat him down like the sad baby that he is and when I forget that victory, I am forgetting the suffering of Christ. When I give into the temptation of satan, and choose sin, I am forgetting the position of Christ upon that cross. I thought this movie was a beautiful visual reminder to me. i have the ability to choose to walk away from sin, Spirit in me enables me to choose Christ. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I want to remember that as I live my day to day. Victory has already been decided and I feel so thankful.