Monday, March 15, 2004

I have discovered a new bump on the back of my neck. That now makes a total of 3 strange, unidentified bumps above my neck. This worries me. They are probably nothing BUT I do have a dying early phobia, who knows. I just really need to get that insurance from Jamba.

I had a dream last night about Jason Parr and Alicia Luna, both from High School.They were at Justins concert (may 6th, you guys all better be there!!!) and we just chatted and caught up and stuff. But it was totally weird cause, alicia luna??!!! Why the heck did she pop up......we weren't friends or anything. I am in fact surprised that I connected her name with her face. Weird. Jason Parr I understand, we were friends and so in my dream I was probably just wondering what the heck he is up to in his life these days. Weird.

Well, I am off to Power Yoga.....we'll see. At least I am not sore any more from the Brand New Booty class!!!