Tuesday, May 11, 2004

This weekend, I saw the light.
These past months have been quite stressful. Busy dealing with the past, trying to understand the present, and plan for the future. Areas have felt full of burden and such seriousness!!
Last Saturday my good friend Bill Sperry turned 30 and he had a birthday party. As I was dancing my butt off, i realized that I haven't felt happy or that free in a really really long time!!
Oh sad, that with the stress of life I ignored or allowed my joy to be pushed aside. Laughter, fun, happiness, joy, man these things are so important to me and they make the hard times seem so much less intense.
So, do not forget to laugh my friends. Dance like crazy people, draw with your toes, eat lunch without using your hands, paint your face for work, or walk crazy for a day!!