Friday, October 08, 2004

Ahhhh, it's Friday. I am looking forward to this weekend.

On Saturday, Justin and I going out to buy a bed. Neither of us have a queen bed so, his grandparents gave us a gift and told us to go find a bed. It is really exciting.

We found a place to live as well. Justin is actually moving in on the 16th and going to be living there for 3 months all by himself. I think that he is going to get really lonely. He comes from such a large family and he has always had a ton of roomates, so I think this time for him is gonna be hard, but we'll see it may turn out to be a great time for him.

I have already started having wedding dreams. It's weird but I actually have gotten some ideas for the wedding at 5:00am in a dream. Well it was actually like half dream state and half being awake. Anyways, yeah it's been pretty cool.

I think Politics make me laugh.Everyone thinks they know everything about everyone. I don't think ANYONE knows George Bush and I don't think ANYONE knows John Kerry.All I hear is judgement, on everyones part. It doesn't sit right with me.

I feel like I have worked really hard to find out what I think about the upcoming elections. What I think about issues and working with the guy who "appears" to be working in the same direction. I say "appears" because I don't think I can fully know what the truth is. Everyone has an agenda. Everyone wants to PUT DOWN the other person, and honestly that turns me off!! People who are hell bent on shoving the other guys face in the mud. I am simply not down for that.

I will vote on November 2nd because there were a ton of folks who fought and died to give me the right to have a say.But I refuse to say nasty things about people because I think I know what the truth is. It's ridiculous to me.

It sure seems like a lot of people get cancer. Man, I don't want to get cancer.