Tuesday, October 19, 2004

i just finished reading Jane Erye. I really liked it. I loved how it left you hanging right up until the end. I like Jane, I want to speak more like her.

Well, we offically sent out our invitations. This is really exciting!! And if one more freaking person tells me, "boy, do you think you sent them out early? YOU ARE SUPPOSED to send them out about a month before." I say to these people.........WHO FREAKING CARES when I send them out. I could send them out 5 months before if I liked. I understand the reasoning, you don't want people to "forget" about your wedding. Listen, if someone is gonna forget my wedding fine by me. We wanted to send them before the holiday and so that our many out of town guests will have time to make arrangements. Geeez, now leave me alone already!!!!

I was stuck in 3 hours of traffic today trying to get home from Orange County. Boy was that annoying. I do like the rain though. I love how it smells!!

I am really sad that I missed Gomez the last time they were here in the states. I was listening to them today, and I just love Bens voice. I think I should get their new album, I have waited long enough.