Monday, October 11, 2004

Monday is here.

I had the best weekend in a long time.

Justin and I bought a bed, new mattresses, and a 7 drawer chest (thanks to his grandparents). I am in love with the set!! I really like it. I am so excited.
Justin moves in this Saturday and then a little less than 3 months till I move in!!! I can not wait.

We also decided on our centerpieces. Justin and I spent at least 2 hours in Joann's Fabric and it was a blast. We laughed and just had so much fun.
I really have a lot of fun when I am with Justin. One of my favorite things about him is his face when he is really cracking up!! He closes one eye like a pirate and his mouth gets really big. It is so funny!

Saturday Night we trekked to Azusa and saw Joy Electric. Always a great show!!!

Sunday Morning was church and then we had Sunday Night Supper with the Lofgrens, which is always note worthy. Last night was our turn and we made Mexican Pizzas (justin created this years ago all by himself), they were yummy.

The best part of the whole weekend was that I got to spend it with Justin. Now that we are both working Full Time it has become hard to see each other during the week. So, it's all about the weekends. One thing that is cool is that Justin misses me during the week as much as I miss him. And that is always nice!

So yeah, this weekend was fun times with that Justin Souza!