Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Andrew, It's great that you like to identify the churches issues but you affect change by exemplifying it, my friend. I did not see you handle yourself as a broken, humble, willing to be open person when conflict faced you. I saw you get angry, point blame, hold grudges, not forgive, not listen and pout.

I believe that being a part of a church body, means you MUST be open to being sharpened. You entrust yourself to those around you to sharpen you because they love and care about you deeply. You MUST hear when people are telling you what they see in your life, the good, the bad and the ugly. Yes, we are ALL sinners, working out the salvation that has been offered to us. That salvation is offered to us all, whores, homosexuals, drunkards, pornographer, liars, and thieves. I do not think that excuses us to continue living in sin. I think God calls us out of that life and uses the people around us to do so.

If you are open to that kind of intimacy with people then you can certainly find it within the church. It is not all pomp and circumstance, but you do have to search for that kind of accountability. I would say that I have at least 5 people that I have an intimate, vulnerable relationship with from our church. Who love me, accept me, and help me to mature, grow, change, and sometimes brutally tell me the truth about myself, when I can't see it.

I read an awesome book called The Emotional Healthy Church ( I think I gave you a copy) that spoke a lot about the concerns that you have voiced. This book has really has challenged me and excited me to be apart of an emotional healthy church. And really, it starts with me. Am I emotionally healthy??

You affect change by exemplifying it!