Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Last Thursday Night Dani, our college pastor TORE IT UP!! I thought that her lesson was amazing!! It was the best I've sat under in a long time (besides of coarse my beloved, Alistair Begg).

That night really got me thinking....mostly about how can I tell that the Holy Spirit lives in me? What are the markers, and can I see them in my life? In what ways could someone tell that I am "different" from the world? Oh how this question has been challenging me.

Every morning this last week on my drive to work I have been trying to think of these things, areas of my life that I feel the Holy Spirit's movement in or areas that I know that are in my life, reactions, comments, impatience, advice I would give, that are very much spiritless and not light for those around me. Identifing these things and then offering them in prayer through out the week has been really cool for me.

I press on toward the goal, my friends!!!
It is not out of sight, and yet running alone it is beyond my reach!!
Holy Spirit come like a rushing wind.