Friday, December 03, 2004

Today I miss people:

I miss Rebecca and Jeff, Heather and Nathaniel (and Sebastian), Christine and Adam (and Gunnar and Chloe), Susan and Jason (and Luke), Sarah and Ray (and Jaden), Michelle and Charles (Jackson and new Brady!!), and Jay Reitz.

I miss Ryan Pappan, Bill Sperry and Jono and Erin Shaffer.

I miss Justin cause I am home from work and he still has two hours till he gets home.

It is interesting how at different points in ones life the people who they spend a lot of time with changes. I feel very thankful to have all the following folks as friends. I wish they were closer. Each of these people have sought to live their lives with integrity, which I admire and respect. I see that they are people who consistently desire growth and change in their lives. Boy, I just feel glad I know them.