Thursday, February 03, 2005

My eyes are burning like crazy today. And I have been sneezing. ALLERGIES!!!!! Man, I really hate them.

Justin and I have been trying to walk everyday at Balboa Park. It is such a beautiful walk and we have been having a lot of fun doing it together! I am thankful that we live right across the street.

So, for the wedding I got a Kitchen Aid.....this thing is AMAZING!!! I have already cooked two batches of Chocolate Chip Cookies which have been really yummy and last night I used the Kitchen Aid to cook Mashed potatoes, which were yummy as well. I like this machine and I look forward to using it a lot.

Hmmm.....what else is going on?? Justin is still looking for a job, lately he has been feeling majorly discouraged. You could pray for him if you think of it. For patience and courage to hear God and to go where he sends.

After you get married, (and I have only gotten married once but I spoken with a few other women about this) it seems like you go through a little bit of a down time. A time where you feel sad, but for no real reason. Maybe it is because being married is kinda overwhelming, all of a sudden you share a bed, live with a guy, and no longer live with your girl friends. Maybe it's also because it's a death in a way, Death to life alone, death to making decisions that only effect you. It takes some adjusting I've experienced. Also I think for months before the wedding all you are doing is planning this WEDDING and then it's over and back to "real life." That may play into it. Anyways, I am glad that I am married and mixed with these feelings of sadness there has been a lot of laughs and fun times.

So, yeah...........ta ta for now. Have a great day!!