Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This morning I didn't have to go into work until noon, so I had the majority of the morning to hang around the house. I spent a lot of that time reading the Word. It was really great.

I spent the time in Matthew 13 reading and working to understand the different parables that relate to "the kingdom of heaven being like..........." It was great time. I feel like I gained some new insights into Jesus' parables which were important for me. Understanding better Jesus' descriptions of what the kingdom of heaven is like helped me to connect it to "on earth as it is in heaven." Also, really cool to spend time thinking about.

I appreciate God's Word. I love when I have time to dig into it. I hope that as I go about my day today, I will continue to think on these things.

My friends Kim and Paul Karus, had a baby son, McKay Henry Karus on February 3rd. McKay is very very sick and the doctors have been encouraging Paul and Kim to say their goodbyes. I believe at this point they are going to TRY and do a surgery that could help McKay but there are a lot of other obstacles in the way.

Please if you think of it, pray for the Karus Family. Thanks!

Have a great day today!!