Monday, May 16, 2005

So, my husband is getting hip to this blog business.
He has his own My Space thingy.

This is his first blog.....and I feel so proud of him.
He's a wise fellow!!

""Beauty is fleeting and charm is deceptive..." Ladies and ladies as for my first blog entry in my whole entire life, I dedicate it to you all. I continue to find myself frustrated with the blind movement and the treadmill motion of young females being swept into the flow of twisted self perception. Please find confidence in the innocence of your youth. Please stand firm on the solidarity of modesty.

On myspace and on the streets, the most attractive women are those who do not strive to aggressively lure the eyes of men. It bothers me so much, to see so many girls trying to sell their bodies and souls on myspace. This is what I think: the more confident that you are about yourself, as a whole, the less you will feel the need to file into the wave of flesh bearing and face painted fashion. On the other hand if you are on the bottom of the barrel of insecurity you may feel the need to swim in over sized sweats. Women are meant to be beautiful, you are beautiful naturally. Know this, understand it, take hold of the fact, and let men find you attractive for who you are, naturally.

In conclusion, I urge and challenge all ladies everywhere to work more strenuously at maintaining a healthy spirit, rather than toiling to present yourself as a pinned up mannequin. Please be more imaginative, recapture the dreams of childhood, preserve the beauty of innocence, and stand firm on the solidarity of modesty.

(On a side note: Men help your sisters by encouraging them in the ways of purity, and make sure that you too are cultivating a pure heart.)""