Saturday, July 09, 2005

Yesterday Justin and I celebrated 6 months of being married.
I feel like it has just flown by!!

Justin had some great plans, all a surprise.

We went to eat at this adorable Cafe. You should check it out. They have organic teas and coffees. As well as really yummy food. The Oreo Cheesecake is to die for!!
The Urth Caffe

Justin had also bought red rose petals for our table, which I thought was a sweet touch.

Then the best part....he had made this sheet of paper with 181 lines on it. He figured out that we have been married for 181 days and so we were to come up with 181 things we've done together since we've been married or things that we have learned about one another. ISN'T THAT SUCH A CUTE IDEA!!! We had a ball thinking back over the past 6 months.

All that to say, I really love my husband.
Marriage seemed really hard/overwhelming in the beginning and now here we are....
We're taking it day at a time and doing our best to really get to know one another.
It's been a lot of fun!!