Monday, October 31, 2005

update on the Halloween Charity event............

well it was a success.
There were tons of people there and a lot of generous people donated funds to Olive Crest.

More importantly Justin, myself, and the 2 brother-in-laws made our way to the off limits celeb party.

Kirsten Dunst was there dressed as a sexy cop (she is really really really really really skinny) and her boyfriend Jake G (no idea how to spell the last name) was dressed as a police man as well. We totally saw them and were hanging out in the same garage area. We were totally spying. They seemed normal and I thought it was cool that they were hanging out at this thing and not some fancy schmancy party. As they were leaving Jake gave Adam (brother-in-law) the head nod and Adam gave the 2 finger wave.

So there ya have it.

Happy Halloween!