Friday, March 24, 2006

a journal entry from my friend George Reitz's website:

"After a Monday’s 30 minute X-ray planning session, the daily radiation treatments started Tuesday afternoon. Treatments are to last for ten days.
At our meeting with Dr. Chachoua on Tuesday, he tossed my 3 inch file on his desk, turned on his stool to face me, Judy and Scott and asked, “What questions do you have for me?” I immediately asked about chemo options after radiation. He responded pessimistically, admitting there were few options left. My body had been severely beaten up by chemo to this point. Would we want to continue? I had sensed for a week or so that Dr Chachoua was trying to diplomatically tell us that “it was over.” From the medical point of view, nothing could be done; we had to move toward a pain-management approach. The push for radiation the week before had been the tip off for me.
My follow-up question addressed a time-line ― if my earthly journey is concluding, how long do I have to live? Within seconds, reverberating in that small examination room, came the words, “Up to six months.”
Now, to handle this news through our Christian grid. Our prior mullings have and future musings will address our desire to contextualize our journey."