Tuesday, April 04, 2006

okay some random thoughts.

I noticed that I don't really like writing long blogs. I think it is because I am really not that great of a writer. I don't even REALLY like to write. Sometimes I think I like to write but I mostly don't. and another thing is that I write like I speak and I hear that isn't the way one is supposed to write.

I have noticed and been thinking about power lately.
not super powers, although I do think about those sometimes but mostly I have been thinking about a fellow I know who doesn't even know how obsessed he is with positioning himself in a powerful place. He is the type of guy that wants to hang out with certain people because he thinks they hold some sort of 'cool key.' He talks a big game but I don't see much action.
This kinda turns me off to him. I mean, I do like him and we get on well but this attribute is really annoying. It's like....hey man, just be you. You're pretty cool.

Another thought.....something crazy is happening to the church. I don't know what it is but it worries me. I am noticing people who are just flippantly walking through life making things up as they go cause thats how they want them to be. I mean, do we really believe what the Bible says about things? Yeah, I think that lots of stuff across the board have gotten damaged and dumped but man, I gotta believe that the words in the bible mean something for our lives today.

May the love of Christ compel me today.................