Wednesday, May 31, 2006

so, I have cellulite.

This is a horrible truth that I hate even to admit.
But since it is about 90 degrees outside today i am forced to begin thinking about the summer and pools, parties, the beach, and bathing suits.

I always get nervous right before summer starts because I know in a few weeks I will have to bare the back of my legs in front of strangers and friends and just hope that they are not totally repulsed.

Last night as I was laying in my bed, dreading the BBQ/swim party Justin and I have planned for this Saturday I began to get really nervous about getting into my suit. The fear is that my friends will look at my legs and go, "man, that is really gross how could anyone love her," or they will say "amy is such a nice girl but man the back of her legs are FUNK NASTY," or what about "poor justin."
now, would any of my friends think that??? I don't know if they would or wouldn't ( i bet they would) but when I think about cellulite may be gross but it doesn't change who I am. I am a really cool friend and I throw awesome parties....who really cares that my legs are a bit chunky.

So, this summer it is my resolve to really try NOT to care what people are thinking about my legs. I can still run, jump, play frisbee with the best of them, work out, swim and walk and for all of those things I am thankful.

and there you have it......