Monday, September 18, 2006

thought i would give a quick baby update.

as far as we know all is well inside! I heard the heartbeat last Thursday and that was quite comforting. We have our UltraSound scheduled in October to find out the sex of the babe. We will, if we can find out.

Being pregnant is so interesting. So much crazy stuff goes on in your's really quite a miracle.

I feel good for the most part. The worst part of the day for me happens to be the evening. I start feeling tierd and sick to my stomach around 8pm and on. It's weird. It's also interesting how my stomach feels so much heavier in the evening than in the morning. It also looks a lot bigger.

I am indeed starting to show. As well as grow out of my normal clothes (yucky feeling!). I should be thankful because I know it only goes down hill from here.

Well, there you have it. Baby update.