Tuesday, April 10, 2007

today's two words are.........GROWTH SPURT. Or should I say yesterday's words. Yesterday Adelaide fed every hour and a half!!!! That is craziness. It is hilarious cause just when I think I've got her making some sense to me.....she pulls a fast one on me! I hear these spurts should only last a day or so. Thank goodness!

She was 3 weeks old yesterday......and i forgot to take her picture (maybe the cow complex warped my mind a bit). She is getting bigger, I can tell. She is such a cool kid! I like having her around. Hopefully I'll get better at this mother thing. It is rough!! I mostly feel like my daughter is pretty chill but her mom is the freaky problem.

In other news..........do you think American Idol has rigged it so Sanjaya is still on the show? Like are they pulling it for drama or do you really think his votes have kept him in?? hmmmmm.......