Saturday, September 22, 2007

have i got a blog for you.........................

so, last night Justin and I had plans to go see OVER THE RHINE at the Knitting Factory. Our good friends John and Val offered to come and babysit (which was sooooo cool). Thanks John and Val.

anyways, we get there right as the opening band plays, meet up with some of my old co-workers and spot some of Nathan's (justin's brother) friend's from Fresno...yada yada yada.
Over the Rhine starts their set and it is AMAZING, they played most of their new album The Trumpet Child. Towards the end of the set Karyn starts out by saying well i usually have a long set up here before this song but we received a letter and then Linford says yeah, a beautifully written letter that i am tempted to read to you all. and i kinda look at justin and he is like listen amy, listen.....and then karyn starts talking about a 5 o'clock shadow and how she loves it as much as AMY SOUZA (WHAT THE FREAK!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I ABOUT DIED!!!!!). Then they asked where i was (we were right down front) so i raised my hand and they were like smiling at me and i was balling my eyes out and then they started playing TROUBLE!!! This moment was like something out of the movies....i remember the song, i remember what they said but then it also all seems like a blur!

My husband Justin wrote them a beautiful letter (he let me read when we got home) and it actually got to them and they did what he had asked them to do........AMAZING!
anyways, then after the show we went to the road guy and said hey i'm the girl they were speaking of could we please say thank you in person. He said sure wait here. Then they ushered us back stage and IN PERSON we got to chit chat with Linford Detweiler and he said so, you're doing the mom thing now....hee hee. anyways, they were super gracious and awesome and amazing and wayyyyyyyyyyy coooooool!!!

can you believe my husband. he is so thoughtful and wonderful.....i mean really who does stuff like that! was so amazing.....just exactly what we both needed in these days.
Awesome! Really Really Awesome!!