Saturday, October 27, 2007

last night justin and i watched Reign over me.
we rented it on kinda a whim not knowing much about it but LOVING both don cheadle and mr. sandler.
this was a great great film.
such a special movie!
it'll give you a good laugh and a good cry.

the souza family gives it 4 thumbs up!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

found this on jenny smiths blog and i thought i'd carry it on. i liked it.

Pick up the book nearest you and provide the following information:

Title and Author: banker to the poor by muhammas yunus

Is the book dedicated to anyone? If so whom? does not look like there is a dedication.

What is the first sentence? "chittagong, the largest port in Banglsdesh, is a commercial city of 3 million people."

Turn to page 47. Please share the first sentence of the first full paragraph. Sufiya did not want to waste any more time talking.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

what celebrity baby names do you really like?

i like MADDOX and ZAHARA.
and i also like Ruby.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

a moment of silence please....................

the BUICK is on her last leg.

she's been having some trouble so we took her in. it will cost twice what she is worth to have her fixed up. She's been a good car. We'll lay her to rest sometime soon.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

the souza family recently made the switch from pre-grated bagged cheese to block cheese that you have to grate yourself.

i am really thankful for this change.....the cheese tastes WAY BETTER, it may be a bit more work but well worth it!!

we are back on track with eating (adelaide that is...i really haven't skipped a beat ;)). i think it was her cold/new tooth.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

okay well here are some photos of miss adelaide.
the newest developments (as of the last couple days) is that she is addicted to standing and holding onto things........isn't that nuts!!! like, is she even old enough to be doing that (not in my book!!!).
i would also ask that you take note of her 'girlie' outfit. it has a ridiculous frilly skirt thing attached, yes it is about the girliest thing she's been in BUT the reason we got it is because it says on the front 'fairy garden secret hideaway' and i just loved that!!! ah fairies!
she still is not eating quite as well as she once did, although yesterday she fed about every 3 hours. not today though. oh well, she rocks!

Monday, October 15, 2007


well folks, the truth is i am and have been in such a bad place these last weeks.
i have hinted at some goings on here and there nothing that i can talk to candidly about but Justins family is really going through a tough tough tough (did i say tough) time right now. its awful. its horrible. and it seems to just be getting worse. I just keep telling myself that God is God and He knows everything. He knows wickedness even if everyone else is fooled.

the drama in justins family has just continued to confirm in me my burning hatred towards infidelity and unfaithfulness (in every sense of the word-not just "cheating" but especially cheating). Everyone i know in some way know a few or many people who have been a victim of such selfishness or perpetrated just deplorable acts. why? why? why? not even just in marriage but in dating....why? why? why? it is so selfish and gross. i stay awake at night continuing to think of how much i hate this evil!

on top of all of this nonsense the sickness in our home continues in adelaide. her cough is awful. she still isn't eating during the day. although last night she seems to be hungry every two hours, or course between the hours of 10pm and 6am. it is frustrating for me but i am trying so hard to just go with it and have patience and be very zen like (doubt its working) throughout.

i suppose when it rains it pours and this is just a season and yada yada yada. i just feel yucky.
really really yucky.
i am going to go read in the time left of adelaides morning nap.

i also wish baby weight would just fall off. why do i have to work to get it off?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

i have a bit of good news to share in the midst of dealing with lies, manipulation and shear hatred (don't ask!!)....this morning Justin and I purchased PIT (6th row) tickets to see Bjork a the Nokia live theater in December.
thank goodness.

Friday, October 12, 2007

so as of the last 2 days adelaide has really stoped breastfeeding.
i am hoping it is because she is sick and just got her first tooth (very excitied).
she eats at night but during the day she turns away.

i don't know what to do.

any advice?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

heather told me about this website tonight and it seems to be my new addiction.
i love it.
i have already in one evening found like 10 new books i want to read.

you guys should all join up!!

30th birthday party update:
last night a really fun crazy quirky idea came to me.............i can't share just yet, i need to look into some details. but it could be really fun!!

Sick update:
justin returned to work today after a whole week off sick.
adelaide still has a horrific cough. runny nose seems to have stopped. the dr. gave us an inhaler to help her breathe a bit better although all of today whenever she breathes she wheezes. sad!
i am hanging in there.

life update:
justin and i are really liking this show LA INK. its way cool and making us both want to get tattoos (can you believe even Justin wants a tattoo). yeah, its cool.
i made choclate chip cookies last night...i don't really know why...but yeah i ate 3 this morning. i hate cookies in the morning but for some reason i ate them.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

happy saturday everyone.

the souzas are still home sick.
Justin still feels awful.
Adelaide has a nasty cough but at least last night she slept some (waking up 4 times excluded).
I am probably the healthiest of the group probably because God knows if i go under we're all in trouble. So, hopefully we'll be on the mend in just a few days. its a shame cause today is such an amazingly beautiful day here in dump nasty canoga park.

last night i took a warm bath and i put my head in the water just up to my ears so i couldn't hear anything but the tub filling up. it was lovely to have all sounds drowned out for a few minutes. i just closed my eyes and laid there listening to this sound. i think i may have been able to fall asleep if i laid there longer. i felt peaceful.

so, in about a month i will be turning 30!
isn't that nuts. i suppose i feel 30 although most people are shocked when they find out that i am "that old." maybe that is because i just randomly cut all my hair off (actually it wasn't random at all.....there has been major chaos going on in our lives the past weeks and i needed to feel like i was carring a lighter, i cut my hair off) and people think only young people do that. anyways, i am struggling with this birthday cause i'd like to have a birthday party but that just stresses me out. going to dinner to celebrate is soooo, i don't know normal. i want to do something unique, something special, something that includes friends, something not stressful.

also in terms of gifts....i am toying with the idea of asking for books, new, used...whatever but books that people have LOVED LOVED LOVED so that i can read them and Love love love them too!! here is the draw back of time we move....we have that many more gifts to move (YUCKO). I don't know....this idea is still in the works, probably still needs some refining.

yeah, so......there you have it.
the exciting thoughts of amy..........kinda boring.
oh well, thanks for reading!

grace and peace.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

baby=sick but wanting to play

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

shortly after i posted my last post i read this .......delicious indeed!!!

life is intense.
my baby is sick with a cold.
i have no hair and i am okay with it.

someday maybe we'll live in a house.