Wednesday, October 10, 2007

30th birthday party update:
last night a really fun crazy quirky idea came to me.............i can't share just yet, i need to look into some details. but it could be really fun!!

Sick update:
justin returned to work today after a whole week off sick.
adelaide still has a horrific cough. runny nose seems to have stopped. the dr. gave us an inhaler to help her breathe a bit better although all of today whenever she breathes she wheezes. sad!
i am hanging in there.

life update:
justin and i are really liking this show LA INK. its way cool and making us both want to get tattoos (can you believe even Justin wants a tattoo). yeah, its cool.
i made choclate chip cookies last night...i don't really know why...but yeah i ate 3 this morning. i hate cookies in the morning but for some reason i ate them.