Saturday, October 06, 2007

happy saturday everyone.

the souzas are still home sick.
Justin still feels awful.
Adelaide has a nasty cough but at least last night she slept some (waking up 4 times excluded).
I am probably the healthiest of the group probably because God knows if i go under we're all in trouble. So, hopefully we'll be on the mend in just a few days. its a shame cause today is such an amazingly beautiful day here in dump nasty canoga park.

last night i took a warm bath and i put my head in the water just up to my ears so i couldn't hear anything but the tub filling up. it was lovely to have all sounds drowned out for a few minutes. i just closed my eyes and laid there listening to this sound. i think i may have been able to fall asleep if i laid there longer. i felt peaceful.

so, in about a month i will be turning 30!
isn't that nuts. i suppose i feel 30 although most people are shocked when they find out that i am "that old." maybe that is because i just randomly cut all my hair off (actually it wasn't random at all.....there has been major chaos going on in our lives the past weeks and i needed to feel like i was carring a lighter, i cut my hair off) and people think only young people do that. anyways, i am struggling with this birthday cause i'd like to have a birthday party but that just stresses me out. going to dinner to celebrate is soooo, i don't know normal. i want to do something unique, something special, something that includes friends, something not stressful.

also in terms of gifts....i am toying with the idea of asking for books, new, used...whatever but books that people have LOVED LOVED LOVED so that i can read them and Love love love them too!! here is the draw back of time we move....we have that many more gifts to move (YUCKO). I don't know....this idea is still in the works, probably still needs some refining.

yeah, so......there you have it.
the exciting thoughts of amy..........kinda boring.
oh well, thanks for reading!

grace and peace.