Monday, November 12, 2007

hey all.

here we are monday afternoon. this marks the beginning of a crazy month and a half.
i am very excited. i love the hussle and bussle. the visitors. the cooking. the food. sometimes the weather (when it isn't 100 degrees). the parties. the decorated church. the ugly christmas sweaters. making gifts. the movies (love actually!!!). sharing. giving. inviting. man, i dig it all.

right now my house is a mess. the laundry is piled up. we still only have 1 car. adelaides crib sheet has poop on it. oh yeah and she pulls herself up to a stand in the crib (yikkeeeess!!!). i haven't shaved my legs in a looooooooong time.the kitchen floor is really dirty. and guess what.......we are going outside to play with the neighbor children!!!

oh did i tell you guys that tomorrow night for Justin's work christmas party we are going to spend an evening with Rod Stewart. hahahaha, isn't that hilarious. it's gonna be a hoot. i'll have to tell you all about it if i find a minute.

did i also tell you that the new season of Project Runway start Wednesday Night!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!! Justin and I can't wait. too bad it's from 10-11pm at night. it is gonna be a stretch for me to stay awake that late on wednesdays but i think i'll be able to do it.

hey guys, lets just keep rockin' and rollin'.
don't let the malls fool ya, joy isn't in them (although sometimes i find joy at American Eagle :0).

Joy to the World!!!

P.S. dudes, i bought a pair of jeans and the belt loops in the front are smaller than the ones in the back....have you ever heard of anything so freakin' lame? how am i supposed to wear a dig dang belt?