Monday, November 26, 2007

wow, too much going on to write a long blog so i'll hit some points.

-friends from NY are here till Wednesday....really having a great time.
-driving through beverly hills saw Sydney Poitier!!!!
-went to The Little Seed which happens to be owned by Soleil Moon Frye (you know, Punky Brewster!)
-saw Sicko (the movie) should check it out 100%
-Adelaide likes to stand up now, even pull herself up on things. she really looks like she wants to walk or something!! CRAZY!!! she also loves to read and play with her books which i think is soooo cute!
-the new season of Project!
-after much toil Justin found us a new used car. it seems like a really great little car and we are so very thankful.
-alright going down to check the mail to see if there is any money :)