Sunday, December 30, 2007

argh.......the most frustrating thing ever is paying back your student loan. no matter how much you pay on it a month it never seems to go away. I had major debt from student loans after finishing up school. justin and i have been very faithful about paying off this debt and we are down to our last $10,000. but this last chunk feels like it is taking forever. for as long as we've been married we have usually taken birthday and christmas money and dedicated to putting it towards the loan. this year we were, lets take that money and do something crazy with it (you know like buy some new clothes or something---we're pretty crazy over here!!).
so, needless to say we're slowly but surely paying it back. When it is all done we'll have throw a party!!!

p.s. our friends andrew and bill are coming over this evening to play a little game called Carcassonne. it basically rocks hard core...justin got it for his birthday.