Monday, December 17, 2007

yes i know.....lack of posts...sorry.

we are heading out here on wednesday for a 10 day time with justins family. which will be very cool and very hard. hard only because i have a hard time being away from home for that long. i am a real homebody at heart and begin to miss the comfort of my own bed, space. justins brother and sister-in-law and their two kids live in scotland and whenever they come out they come for at least 3 weeks. max i think they've stayed 3 months. i don't know how they do it really and they seem to not mind it much at all. they are very flexible. anyways, i don't really think i am that flexible at heart so sometimes i have a hard time. but i am looking forward to hanging with his family and for the cousins to all meet for the first time. that will be cool.

justin and i have found ourselves fighting with one another a lot lately. i think there is just a lot going on and it always seems easier to take it out on the person who is available most of the time. sucks. but this to shall pass.

spent the weekend watching The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. love it.
gandalf is so bad it is awesome. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! i mean come on.....amazing!
i also just really love sam wise....he is such a hero. yup, love him.

adelaide is such a happy baby. she is so fun and animated and cool. i sometimes wonder how she got that way since i feel like i spend most of my time living in the depths of dispair (those who have seen Anne of Green Gable will appreciate the nod). she is light and i love her so deeply.

we always get to this point in the year and i feel really reflective and excited about the upcoming year. a whole new year ahead. i wonder what lies ahead for me/us. isn't it cool to think we may meet new people and who knows what they will add to our lives. we may go new places, see new things. next year may also be filled with sorrow and loss...who knows really. what i do know is "my times are in your hands."

so with that i'll leave this post.
cheerio friends. keep on rockin'