Tuesday, February 05, 2008

happy super tuesday.
i hope you all are able to get out and vote.
this year i just have to walk across the road and cast my vote.
i live across the street from a polling place which is so cool.
it's been a buzz with activity since 7am. i love watching the folks come and go.
i like it.

well i made it through my first night alone with adelaide.
justin is with his dad for the week.
its been very rough going.
justin is super discouraged and just plain tierd.
its just a hard road and that is all there is to it.

i listened to a sermon this morning on marriage.
it was just a great reminder of the covenant that justin and i made.
take a listen if you have 20 minutes.

hmmmm, what else is going on.

i have become more interested in photography as of late.
i would like to be able to take beautiful photos.
i liked this website that i stumbled on the other day.
i like discovering new things via the internet.

someday i would like to own a labtop and sit in a coffee house for a couple of hours and just search blogs and stuff.
it would be a great time.
it would be even cooler if i could ride my blue and pink crusier bike to the coffee house.
or if it was Fall and i could ride my bike down a beautifully colored street with lots of trees, laptop in toe headed to a local coffee house to sit and surf the net.

hey, maybe someday.

enjoy today friends!

“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle,” said Philo of Alexandria