Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i am over the moon at this new project.
please please join the revolution.
i am busy thinking up what i want my cards to say and where i will place them.
when we actually go out i'll be sure to post pictures.
hee hee i LOVE stuff like this.

it is a beeutiful day here in canoga park.
suns a shinin' and the breeze is a blowin'.

contacted an artist who i really respect about making a small project for the young marrieds retreat coming up. oh man how i hope she'll agree. why would she though. hey, you never know unless you try.

sometime soon i think will be adelaides first trip to the library.
i am so excited for this event.
i think she will also be excited because she really is in love with books.
most days when we are home we can sit together for an hour just reading books.
not kidding.
it is so fun.
so the library is gonna be great.

signing off.
everyone......enjoy today.

"Everyday life is the prayer.
How we conduct it, cherish it,
celebrate it, consecrate it."
~Sarah Ban Breathnach