Thursday, February 21, 2008

okay so i am back.
i have some minutes before nappy time is over.

lets talk things.
over the weekend i discovered that people have things.
you know something they really like or are good at.
something that occupies them enjoyably that isn't duty, really.

dani = cooking
doug = projects/working with hands
karen = photography
jamie = sports
justin = music/writting

well........i don't know what my thing is.
i really don't.
i've been racking my brain.
do you know what your thing is?

also, have you ever been somewhere where sharing prayer requests felt a bit more like a gossip session?
good god, have mercy on us your church.

jenny smith
will come for lunch today.
very good.

Don't forget to share in the love.

the idols this year kinda stink.
i don't have a heart for any of them really.
missed the fellas.
ah well.
oh and good news........THE OFFICE is back come APRIL!

until next time.

“A great flame follows a little spark” - Dante