Saturday, February 23, 2008

susan, thanks for your thoughts.
i am going to think this week about my little things.
i'll let you know what i come up with.
after thinking alot this week about my thing i did decide that i think my thing has something to do with people.
i love encouraging folks with notes here and there.
i like caring for the old and the young.
i especially love entertaining people in our home.
i actually think entertaining might be one of my things.
which makes sense why i've been downcast since moving in this new apartment.
it really isn't conducive for large group gatherings as opposed to our last place which was. we had a number of large dinners at our last apt and it was awesome and fun. so, maybe i need to think about smaller gatherings until a large space comes our way.

justin and i had a good night last night. we spent a good three hours just sitting and talking to one another about how we've been feeling lately. one can never underestimate a good chat. I mean I learned alot about how justin has been feeling lately and i think he did as well. good times.

on wednesday night i had a very vivid dream about a zombie chasing justin, i and adelaide. it was a weird dream in that it was very vivid. anyways yesterday i thought it would be interesting to see what a dream interpretation would be for zombies. so i looked at this website site to see what it said. you can take a look for yourself. haha for right now it kinda hit the nail on the head. but honestly since last night i feel a change in the air. a new breeze coming through the souza house. its good.

hey folks, enjoy the weekend.

“The best way out is always through” – Robert Frost