Saturday, March 29, 2008

First off, my friend Sarah had her baby while we were away.
Reuel was born March 19th (same day as Adelaide!! awesome)
Reuel means friend of god and is pronounced RU-EL.

scotland, here we go.

we had an excellent trip overall.
the flights went OKAY. i mean adelaide fussed when she was super tired and really didn't sleep much but it could have been WAY worse. the flight coming home was probably the worse of the two. once there she screamed the first two nights cause she was so dang confused. but after that fell right back into her daily schedule. coming home was a bit easier on her i think although yesterday was a bit rough. today she is back to her old self.
we spent about 5 hours in a scottish hospital the night before we were to come back cause Adelaide had a flu bug which included the barfs.
also, we discovered a very cute little series called Charlie and Lola. i am not sure if its out here but the books are way cute so we got adelaide a few of them.

Highlights of the trip:
-for traveling we were able to spend some time in Glasgow. not as much as we would have liked but it was good.
-Spent a day in Edinbugh with the Price Family(thank you friends), which was very cool.
-Justin went to a football match and spent the day on the island Arran (i was with adelaide as she wasn't feeling up to it).
-we had a fabulous hike up Law Hill for Easter. and a lovely afternoon with Alisons family. adelaide even had her first Easter Egg hunt.
-ate a meal at an old pub--just the adults (very cool)
-ate Haggis and liked it.
-i am currently addicted to Pasty's and want to bring them to the USA!!
-watching JUNO on the flight home and the first half of The Darjeeling Limited (rented it to watch the rest of it tonight)
-spending good quality time with travis and alison (justins bro and sis-in-law) in their own environment with their 2 kids just hanging out and relaxing

i am sure that i am forgetting great details that maybe Justin will include if he blogs about the trip.

we're glad to be back home.
okay i need an american idol and survivor update.....anyone?
and looking forward to whats ahead the next couple weeks.
i've had a lot on my mind lately so hopefully you'll have some thought filled posts the next couple weeks. or maybe not cause sometimes its to hard to put into words.