Tuesday, March 18, 2008

today is the day.
we are headed out for our trip to scotland.
you'll be glad to know that i started my antibiotic yesterday and am already feeling better.....thank goodness!!!

i hate flying....really i do.
i get so nervous that we're going to die.
i usually do alright once were in the air offically but man, do i dread it.

adelaides dedication was beautiful.
you know when you plan something and picture it in your head and then it either turns out as you pictured it OR it goes a totally different direction? well, her dedication was completely as we pictured it. everyone who played a part was well prepared and awesome. it was great to have both sides of adelaides family there. really, it was so cool.
her birthday party wasn't bad either. lots of fun new books and clothes! fun fun fun!

adelaide is an offical walker as i mentioned before. it seems she now prefers the walk to her crawl. she is so cute to watch. she has also taken to speaking in sentences (granted it's in another language). she also finds herself very very funny cause whatevers she's saying really cracks her up.

i boiled a chicken for my first time last thursday. boiled it for chicken enchilladas. they were good. but cooking chicken is nasty dude! grossed me out the whole time.

oh! i am taking some of my love notes for the airport...i mean what better place to put some, right?!

one thing about blogs that are cool is you never really know who is reading yours. i mean you have your peeps who make comments but then i bet there is a whole lot more who read but just don't comment. i like the mystery.

i am trying to leave you with a blog that will leave you satisfied for 10 days. cause i am sure you'll miss me.

2 of my friends are due to have kids soon. Sarah will probably have her baby while i am away (sad news--cause my favorite thing is to get a phone call (no matter what time) telling me a baby has entered the world) and Heather should hold out until i get back (right?!!!??!!). I don't know either of the names and i am so excited to hear them!!

i am lovin' this girls art...check it.

okay, i think thats it for now.
grace and peace friends.
grace AND peace.

"all my bags are packed i'm ready to go....." --peter, paul and mary

p.s i found this photo linked from shutter sisters and it just reminded me how good it is to have friends! thank you.....friends.