Saturday, April 26, 2008

as you can see i haven't been super motivated in the blogging area as of late.
i have thought numerous times oh man i should blog about that but never actually came and sat at the computer.

Justin is out playing some Lazer Tag (totally jealous!) with the high schoolers and i am hanging with adelaide (well, she is sleeping right now).

Last night Justin and I rearranged our living room. It is soooo great. Amazing how just some small changes can really make you feel better about a space. We love the change.

In bigger news, i bought an awesome tank-top from American Eagle this morning. I got a gift card for my birthday that i hadn't used. It's very lovely and i am excited to wear it...maybe tomorrow for church.

The recent issue of mothering magazine is a good one. I just really like the article on Ani Difranco as well as the article on raising girls in this culture. Its a discussion Justin and I have a lot. How do we raise Adelaide in this nasty saturated culture we live in.

I only babysat once last week and I hate that. I mean actually what i hate is not seeing my friend karen more often. the week goes by faster and so does the day when we can spend the day together with our kids. I think this week we may try and go see the Noah's Ark thingy at the Skirball Center.

Um, hmmmmmm........what else.

Justin has been very busy at work this last week. and next weekend he will be away for work. these times make me sad for him and adelaide. i know he misses her and i can see how she misses him. but today was great. they went on a hike together and spent alot of the morning with one another. so good.

this evening we have plans to have some friends over for dinner and then play Settlers of Catan. They came last weekend as well and we had a great time. Emily brought these FANTASTIC brownie cookies! They were delicious. Oh man, i just took a sneek peak and saw what she is bringing tonight!!! YIPEE!!

enjoy your weekends and each other my friends.

"if the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writting then the desire is not to write." --Hugh Prather (i love love love this quote so much...i am glad to finally share it)