Tuesday, April 29, 2008

oh man is she cute or what!!!

Go to Ben and Jerry's today and get a FREE cone!!!

Karen and I with babies in tow are headed to the Skirball Center to check out the Noah's Ark Exhibit. I am excited for this adventure.

adelaide hid my keys somewhere and we really can't seem to find them.
so, i've been borrowing justins but i am thinking i am going to need to make copies.

Justins brother nicks dog has been having puppies this morning. we got the call at 6am that she has already had 2. we are headed up there memorial day weekend and i can't wait to see them. i think it will be fun for adelaide as well.

oh and by the way...tonight on american idol..........NEIL DIAMOND songs! Ah...souza heaven.

P.S. adelaide looks longer this morning...so weird.
P.S.S this is a cool blog.