Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i try not to worry to much about money.
and for the most part i do an okay job.
living on one salary has been a challenge for sure but at the same time kind of exciting.
the last couple months it's been less than--more frustrating.
i just feel behind all the time.
i feel like there is no movement forward.
i am discouraged.

justin loves his job and i am sooooo glad about that. so, we are not ready to just pick up and move to another more affordable state/location. his job is moving to encino in may, which gives us an opportunity to move as well.
a move would be a welcome thing for the most part.
we'd love a larger space, a quieter space, a space closer to friends, a space that could hold more that 4 folks at a time. Now, i realize all of these things are wants and we may just have to stay where we are at because it's affordable for us. BUT it STINKS!
i mean, we are still inching away at our debt. Before Adelaide was born we were rocking it and now we are at a stand still. that is so frustrating. and then not to mention the fact that living in a large space just doesn't seem realistic--which totally stinks.
i've been struggling with all this as i scroll through the craiglist pages and look at apartment after apartment. we may never own a house, and really i am semi okay with that....i just want a larger space.

well, hey at least i have a space. and i have a lovely community and kids that i live with. at least justin has a job and gets paid. at least we make just enough to pay our bills. i should be thankful that we eat a wonderful dinner every night and on sundays get to go out and eat with our friends. i have lots to be thankful for and realize that i am as rich as i need to be. honestly sometimes i just get tierd of keeping perspective (doesn't that sound whiny--oh well, i'm being whiny).
Alright enough...maybe i'll go read my Compassion International Magazine now.

“Ask what makes you come alive and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman