Wednesday, April 09, 2008

justin woke up this morning saying, "i had a dream last night that our DSL was working. i am going to check it out." and what do you know WHA LA! It wasn't supposed to be working until Monday.
the long story is we switched our phone provider to vonage which uses the internet BUT when they disconnected our old service to put vonage in they also let go of our internet provider. so, there you have it. but i think we're up and running and i am soooooo glad. same phone number and everything.

i like the internet. its very helpful.
it's hard to not have it.

we're gearing up for the young married and engaged couples retreat this weekend.
what is really exciting about this is there is about 4 or 5 couples going that i don't really know. its gonna be so cool to get to know new people. i like that. plus, beach house in oxnard on the beach...can't beat it i don't think.

okay, will post more later probably.
just wanted to let you know were up and running again.