Thursday, May 15, 2008

hey bloggers,
feels like a long time since i last blogged.

this week has been a great week.
filled with lots of not very oftens.

i met up with 2 friends from college who i haven't seen in 8 years!
it was great.
we met at Urth Cafe and had a great time catching up and people watching.

last evening i met up with a friend who i used to see alot and now don't see her all that often. we met up at Breeze's Cafe.

amd tuesday morning, karen and i went to Marmalade Cafe and had brunch and our pastors wife watching kiley and adelaide. how cool is that!!

What i love about these times is just sitting with people and talking.
sharing what we're learning, where were struggling, laughing and eating.
i love these times.
talking is good.
i always feel like i am a better communicator in person than i am in writting.
i am just not that great of a writer, which is why i am surprised that i've lasted this long as a blogger.

so, its down to the two davids on idol. who will win.........i actually have NO idea!
we haven't voted that much this season...i am not in love with any one contestant so, we just haven't voted. my guess will be david a.

i've been meaning to start reading The Kite Runner. but i haven't been able to get into the groove. i think this week i will start.

i've been struggling through some spiritual thinkings lately. nothing that i am confident enough to share without flubbing up my words but just trying to think things through. i love jesus in a major way. i just get confused about some other stuff. i love church in a major way. but i just get confused about some stuff. muddling along, singing a song...just gotta keep on lovin' people, ya know.

The Office season finale is this evening.................will there be a proposal???? oh i will just DIE! i almost had a heart attack when Jim faked proposed a couple weeks ago. we'll see......

"I am learning to write and speak of my true feelings for myself,
that's how I can let go sooner and love fuller.
It's a mixture of speaking up and speaking in,
reaching out and reaching in."

~ Sabrina Ward Harrison