Tuesday, May 27, 2008

hey friends,
back from a lovely weekend in reedley.
it was really a great weekend.
nice and relaxing...not to mention 9 lab puppies!

sunday afternoon we had a BBQ and we had a very interesting talk with justins step-grandfather.
he was a chemist at PG&E for like a million years or something(very smart guy)...anyways, he starting talking about oil, nuclear energy, and the current state of affairs and he said, "you know i don't really have to worry about it all since i won't be here much longer but man, if i was you i'd be worried." and then he went on to say, "and for adelaide, I'd be really worried."

this really got justin and i thinking. it was good.
are we prepared to bring more children into this world?
should we?
how can we consume less?
what are some changes we can make as a family?
we pat ourselves on the back for all these amazing inventions on ways to make our lives more comfortable and easy and really they are the start of the demise.
anyways, it was good.

we watched the movie Cloverfield and didn't really have stong feelings one way or another. a good thrilling monster movie with some laughs. justins mom lent us No COuntry for old men, so sometime soon, we'll give that a watch

justins office has moved and it still only takes him 30 minutes to get there and back. so, we are thinking we won't be moving from our apt. actually we are thinking of moving to another apt in our current complex. one off of the street so we can actually open our doors and not hear cars, trucks and motorcycles. we'll see.

Here are two contests you should know about:

thats it for now my loviez.

"feel the fear and do it anyways."