Saturday, May 03, 2008

Night #1 without Justin...DONE.
i spoke with justin this morning and he had a bit of a rough night.
couldn't quite get comfortable and is still trying to fight off this cold.
i hope he is enjoying today at least a little.

today we went to the The Commons and looked at the turtles, fish and birds.
adelaide just loved it.
this evening we'll go over to our friends house for an early dinner and then head back home.

you know...everyone isn't perfect.
actually no one really is.
everyone does things differently. i like that about people. lots to learn that way.
sometimes its hard how folks do things differently.
when it rubs up against "your way."
judgement is very powerful and can be awfully hurtful.
i've just been thinking about that alot lately.
i judge alot (usually in my head the most).
i just wish i could offer everyone around me more grace to be who they are.
i mean, i understand that iron sharpens iron and that growth and movement are part of this journey, the one i signed up for but i want more grace in my life.
i want justin to be showered in the grace that it is okay to think the way he does and go about solving problems the way he does and that i am not always right.
i want my friends/family to know it's okay to be who they are around me.
i desire to be a more flexible person.

that is all for now.