Friday, June 20, 2008

Hey all,
Our chat with the Bowling Family went well. We will move forward with the plan to live together. We made a list of some must haves of this future house of ours and so, that is what we are looking for. It's unknown, scary, fun, and risky. We are commited to walking this road together for right now. Hopefully we will find a place ASAP as our lease is up and we need to renew soon. I look forward to sharing meals together.

Have you guys heard about THIS book? Adelaide loves being outside and i hope to really be able to continue to foster that in her. Bugs, Butterflies, Ants, Sun, Wind and Dirt.....dig your hands in the dirt, children play with earth (like my Arrested Development flashback!!).

"We see people not as they are, but how we are."-Dalai Lama