Monday, June 30, 2008

i feel like i haven't been a good blogger lately.
i think its because when alot of stuff is going on with me/us i have a hard time writing about it. i am not great with words, i am much better on the phone. so, i just try and avoid writing about the hard stuff because i think it never comes out right.

gossip is frustrating.
removing yourself from it is a conscience act.
being apart of it is also a conscience act.
must pull myself out of the cycle.

our neighborhood kids have been coming to our house in droves this summer. one family in particular with 5 kids! i have really loved it, although sometimes it is very overwhelming to have 8 kids in your 2 bedroom apartment. last week we did arts and crafts which was a hit for most of the girls, the boys not so much. i have been trying to think of something to do this week and i thought why not try and organize a small play or something. is this insane or what? what am i getting myself into? will the kids even be into it? so, i am off to look for a small little play. maybe i can teach them this improv game that i learned from my high school youth group. hmmmmmmm......what to do what to do.

small story that made me happy:
the before mentioned family...5 kids. they are a Muslim family who we have slowly been getting to know. dad works 6 days a week and mom is home with her 5 kids most of the day. the kids are out and about the apartment a lot and so we always see them and recently they've taken to coming over...anyways...last week our church kicked off Terrific Thursday's, where every Thursday there is a fancy event for families. This past Thursday was a trip to Underwood Farms. I was so excited about this event and wanted to invite this family. I brought it up with them and they were THRILLED! the mom wanted to come and she brought all the kids. the kids were at my house EXACTLY at 9:15 on Thursday and couldn't have been more excited. so, we went they had a fantastic time (we picked fresh veggies and everything). getting home we had bundles of veggies. suha (the mom) and i had lengthy discussions on what to do with these veggies, as they were the sort i don't usually cook with (radishes, turnips, bok choy...).
so, last night 9:30pm a knock at the door. and there stood Mohammed (the eldest son) with a plate full of these amazing wrapped rice rolls, about 10 of them and 2 pieces of pita. He said, these are for you guys from the vegetables from the farm. We thanked him and closed the door.
Justin and I stood there together hearts melted eating the best rice rolly things ever! isn't that so awesome! i was happy as i fell asleep last night.