Tuesday, June 03, 2008

while hanging the laundry today i realized justin has one orange hanger.
its a really nice color orange.
i like it.
i made sure to hang a nice shirt on the orange hanger.

my friend hannah, from college is traveling around the world with her nico.
and they recently had quite an experiance.
you can read more about it here.
i am excited she is doing this and i am excited to be keeping up with their travels via the blog.
what a learning experiance, ya know.
intense and amazing.
you come home a changed person indeed.

alot of folks in our community give us their recycling so that we can turn it in for profit. and last time we took our cans in we got $27! that is a lot of money.
its just a small example of how cool our friends are.

i enjoy eating rice pudding from trader joes. yummy.

my good friend ryan got married last weekend. it was a wedding i wish i had been at. i think they are on their way to Kentucky right now to settle in a begin a new new chapter. hopefully i'll get to meet his wife soon.

the event planning for The Church Basement Roadshow is coming along. I am so anxious to see/meet folks that come. My current idea is that i want to have coffee served but like a coffee bar. BUT not from Starbucks or Coffee Bean. I contacted Equal Exchange to see if they do stuff like that. If they don't i may try and contact local coffee shops to see if they do that? any thoughts?

how are you guys doing?